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Jody Lawson

15 . Oct . 2015


All coding, graphics and music by Jody Lawson

Here’s an old game I was working on a few years ago, it’s based on asteroids, but the ‘Adventure’ Setting has boss encounters and level goals. I can’t actually remember how many levels and what they consist of, the couple of times I’ve reattempted playing it I’ve just about managed to get to the second level! I stopped development on these games due to Apple's lack of support for Flash. (Sorry, but it won't work on iOS devices.) As a result, this page probably won't display properly on mobile devices, so I recommend viewing on a desktop computer.

It might be a bit glitchy, it’s definitely bulky in terms of data, (if the sound loading at the beginning doesn’t let you progress, try refreshing the page.) Other than that it’s quite playable.

The game has UFO’s which give bonus points and orange (I think) spherical objects which are extra lives. You’ll probably need them. Try to avoid explosions, they'll kill you!

The current goal is displayed on screen, as is a tally showing (if relevant) how many objects you have collected towards that goal. Highscores are local data, meaning it'll only display who's been playing on your own computer. (So by playing you accept that it will store game saves.)

Selecting ‘Quit’ at the title screen will just take you to a blank screen, and pausing the game will show a ‘Flash Games’ option. This is because, originally, I had developed a flash games selector as well to go on my website. I may also upload the games selector, if I can find it. Then maybe they'll be able to interact as intended, who knows!

I don't have any other games as complete as this one, but I have a few works in progress which got abandoned. They are very glitchy and unfinished to the point that I can hardly call them started! I plan to post these, possibly with different versions of the same game to let you see potential directions they could have taken.

Contact me on twitter to let me know what you think.



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