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Jody Lawson

Crediting Terms and Conditions

If I have given you a link to this page, it is likely that you are in breach of my written terms.

I draw your attention to clause 3 of the terms and conditions of my work.

The following is a brief look at the terms of crediting and linkage of my work. Full terms can be found at

3. Uncredited/unlinked works on social media, blogs or elsewhere on the internet.

Any of Jody Lawson's work, whether from this site or otherwise, must be credited as his work and linked to this website or appropriate social media site (if applicable). It is assumed that any prearranged agreement that you have with Jody Lawson to post an image without fulfilling these terms is for one post only, and any subsequent posts must fulfil them. Failure to comply with these terms is taken as an agreement of the conditions of clause 2, and an invoice for the appropriate licence fee and fine of equal value to the relevant licence fee, will be issued, either by email, mail, messaging by social media, or by a public post on the social media site or blog, whichever is relevant.

If any piece of work is discovered to be displayed, either on social media, on blogs, or elsewhere, electronically or otherwise, with any reference to Jody Lawson removed, then this is taken as unauthorised copyright usage. Such usage of an image of any kind is liable to a licence fee of a minimum of £3000 for uncredited usage, plus an additional fine of equal value to the relevant licence fee.

In the event that an agreement is met to correct any unintentional copyright breaches, this agreement will be on the condition of the fullest respect of Jody Lawson and his work. Any subsequent libel, slander, or any other defamation of character will be in breach of these terms, and the full licence fee and fine shall be reissued.

Refusal to view or acknowledge these terms constitutes an acceptance of any invoice issued. Failure to pay the full amount within 30 days will instigate proceedings to collect any moneys owed via a collection agency, or whatever means available. For these purposes information including, but not limited to, IP address data and social network data will be acquired, along with information gathered by contacting internet service providers, social networks, libraries and other services where relevant.

Full terms can be found at