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Invertebrate Amalgamation Project

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The point of my previous rambling was to give you an idea of my drive and inspiration for this project, as well as for you to percieve the extent of the research and previous work which has led me to this point.

As you may have picked up, Lovecraft's work is a great influence on mine, as too is the work of H. R. Giger, and I encourage you to take this into account.

The project involves extreme macro photography of various invertabrate body parts, flies, spiders, whatever I can get my hands on, and for a series of pictures showing a process of amalgamating these parts as though they are an anthropomorphic creature.

One of the things I like about this project, is the potential of depth of feild. There will be lots of varying parts which are in and out of focus, creating an almost dazed and confused quality, or an 'unautherised observer' perspective. Although mechanisation has led me here, I'm unsure as to whether to include mechanical parts in these images, perhaps it is a case of seeing what works.

Utilising various makeshift lenses, such as an old, reversed, projector lens, and the editing process shouldn't be a problem, the barrier, as stated earlier, is the process of capturing images. In order to fund the purchase of the equiptment required, as well as funding the project in terms of man hours, (Remember my fatigue issues? That results in my inability to currently work, and having/recovering from a brain tumour doesn't entitle me to financial support!) means I am open to donations and investments.

I am intending this project to be an ongoing evolution of an idea. Starting with photography and branching out into various media, such as paintings, games via web and phone apps, maybe some short films. But this is it's start point, the first in a series of campaigns.

So with that, please give generously, and help me to create something fantastic.


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