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Pink Fluffy Ketchup Covered Flower Ponies Vol #3

Pink Fluffy Ketchup Covered Flower Ponies Vols. #1 #2 #3

Team Ketchup are proud to announce the third volume of their comic compilation!

Team Ketchup are a children’s comic collective, from Skipton in the Yorkshire Dales, who design, draw, print and sell their own comics. This not-for-profit group offers a way for young people in Craven to gain access to the arts through involvement with the British Comic Awards and Thought Bubble Arts Festival, putting them in contact with professional artists and creators.

Volume #1 of the comic was an exercise in character and story design and development, and the kids were grudgingly dissuaded from using too much gore and violence. Volume #2 was a Sheep themed issue, to coincide with Skipton's annual 'Sheep Day'. This volume has an horrible and ghastly theme, allowing them to release their inner horridness, and gives them a chance to explore genre convention.

The team were influenced greatly by Neill Cameron's workshops when he came to visit the Dales to help them with their comic creating skills. Neill has been in support of Team Ketchup from the outset, writing about them in a blog post; Comics and Literacy;

"Isn’t that cool? Imagine if there was a club doing something like that in every school. Imagine if in every school across the country, kids were being encouraged to make their own comics and then share them with their friends and with the rest of the school; to collaborate and compete and let their imaginations generally run riot. Imagine if libraries and after-school clubs and youth groups got in on the act, and imagine if there were some easy ways for all those kids making all those comics to share those comics with readers and with each other.

There's your Golden Age of Children's Comics, right there."

Neill Cameron

The comic, entitled 'Pink Fluffy Ketchup Covered Flower Ponies', is a spooky special is to be released at Leeds Thought Bubble Festival (in Royal Armouries Hall - Table 57) on 14th - 15th November. They will also be guest speakers at The Young People’s, British Comic Award on Friday 13th November.

All three comics can also be purchased from Jody Lawson's online Comic Shop at
Team wrangling and event organisation is handled by Joolze Tudor and Alix Coughlin, whilst Jody Lawson provides drawing and representation tutoring, editing and cover design.

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