Jody Lawson - Team Ketchup's Table at Thought Bubble 2015
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Jody Lawson

5 . Nov . 2015

Team Ketchup's Table at Thought Bubble 2015

Team KetchupTeam Ketchup

It's getting exciting now! The award winning Team Ketchup is due meet up with other creators and exhibit at Thought Bubble Comic Festival! Since last year, we've released a 'sheep' edition of the Pink Fluffy Ketchup Covered Flowere Ponies comic, won a couple of awards, and now we have just received the third volume of the comic compilation from the printers!

Team Ketchup will be exhibiting at Royal Armouries Hall - Table 57 on 14th - 15th November. They will also be guest speakers at The Young People’s, British Comic Award on Friday 13th November.

We'll be exhibiting next to awesome kids comic, The Phoenix, who have just released their 200th issue! We'll also be just a stones throw from all of these magnificent people...

as well as quite a few other fabulous artists and creators! So why not go and get some tickets from the Thought Bubble website, and come give us a visit!

All three comics can also be purchased from Jody Lawson's online Comic Shop.

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