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Jody Lawson

5 . July . 2015

Pink Fluffy Ketchup Covered Flower Ponies

Sheep Day!

The hugely anticipated Pink Fluffy Ketchup Covered Flower Ponies Vol. #2 has arrived!

This sheep themed volume is in celebration of Skipton Sheep Day, and pays tribute to the heritage of the 'Sheep Town' in the Yorkshire Dales.

Team Ketchup have a stall outside the library providing comics and badges, with a comic jam session from 1-3pm inside.

The free Sheep Day event takes place in Skipton, North Yorkshire on Sunday 5th July. The events are on Skipton High Street and run between 10am and 4pm.

Volume #2 is available at North Yorkshire Skipton Library from Sheep Day, along with some additional pin badges! These will also be available from this site's Comic Shop.

All funds go to creating selling and marketing future comics, including travelling to events, booking tables at events like Thought Bubble, printing costs, hosting comic creation sessions for the kids, and of course; supplying biscuits!

Volume #1

We thank you all for your support of Team Ketchup, we truly have acheived a lot since we began.

For those of you that still wish to get your hands on the original comic, it is still available from Skipton Library, or you can order Volume #1 from the Comic Shop link below!


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