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Editing and cover design by Jody Lawson

Pink Fluffy Ketchup Covered Flower Ponies Vol. #1Team Ketchup are Skipton's children’s comic collective who design, draw, print and sell their own comics. They offer a way for young people in Craven to gain access to the arts through involvement with the British Comic Awards and Thought Bubble Arts Festival, putting them in contact with professional artists and creators.

Pink Fluffy Ketchup Covered Flower Ponies Vol. #2The team, herded by parents and staff from Skipton Library, run a number of free events, which are open to everyone from Skipton and the wider area. They encourage children and adults to join in comic-jams and drawing events, which not only develop creative skills, but also provide them with business and entrepreneurship skills. Rural isolation is a risk for many of the children from the area; working with Team Ketchup gives them the opportunity to experience time in Leeds and at Thought Bubble where they meet people from all over the country.

It was illustrator and writer, Sarah McIntyre, who introduced the kids to the concept of comic jams, as well as inspiring them to get into self publishing. So was born the 'Pink Fluffy Ketchup Covered Flower Ponies' series of comics, a combination of eclectic and sometimes questionable creative ideas.

The cover art for the first comic premiered on Niell Cameron's blog post, which, as part of a series, talks about how important a role comics can play in developing children’s literacy skills, and how to promote comics to these young readers.

Neill Cameron is a cartoonist and writer, creator of 'How To Make Awesome Comics', 'The Pirates of Pangaea' (co-written with Daniel Hartnell) and 'Mega Robo Bros' available from weekly children's comic The Phoenix.

The second volume was created as a special for Skipton Sheep Day, and pays tribute to the heritage of the 'Sheep Town' in the Yorkshire Dales. The launch of the comic at the festival event was greatly received, and a fantastic experience for the kids involved.

In preparation for the 3rd volume, the team were again inspired by Neill Cameron, who came all the way up to Yorkshire to present awesome comic workshops to launch 'Project Comic Swap'.

Project Comic Swap is an initiative from Team Ketchup for families, young people, or anyone who wants to have a go at making their own comic to create and share their work with each other. This provides people with inspiration and allow them to discuss creative ideas and how to present their stories.

Team ketchup have been up for several awards, being winners of the Arts and Culture, Craven Community Champions Award and being runners up for the North Yorkshire Community Awards.

The award winning Team Ketchup's 4th comic was released for Skipton Sheep Day 2016. Volume #5 Will be on sale at the Thought Bubble comic convention, 5th-6th November 2016.


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