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Jody Lawson

Hello, &

A big hello, and welcome.

This is just a little note to introduce me and my website.

I'm Jody Lawson, an illustrator and visual artist who dabbles in many things from painting and sculpture to filmaking and photography.

Currently, I'm writing a web comic entitled 'Sad Robot', and I'm also working on a series of print comics. (That's as much as I can tell you at the moment.)

I'm also involved with Team Ketchup, a children's comic group who have been releasing their own comic. As well as getting the comics ready for print, designing and putting together the covers, I give the kids advice on illustration and representation.

This website is where I showcase my comics and illustration works, as well as being a hub for my various paintings, photographs, social media and my blog.

The blog covers a multitude of areas; introducing external creative incentives, promoting my work and events, and tips on comic creation, photography, filmmaking or art in general.

You can also contact me if you like what you see, just message me below or contact me on social media if you prefer.



You can contact me at contact@jodylawson.co.uk, filling in the form below will fill in your default email client, or you can contact me on social media if you prefer.

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